10 Cheap Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

Traveling Tulum on a budget isn’t much of a struggle, with many affordable hotels a simple click away. But with a wide variety of accommodations, it can be difficult to choose where to stay in Tulum. So I’ve compiled this list of the best cheap hotels in Tulum, Mexico. They allow you to stay in this charming city without breaking your bank.

The town has graced the front cover of countless travel magazines for its luxury hotels. Its all-inclusive resorts are also popular for providing first-class service and amenities. Plus, many celebrities choose to vacation here. 

Because of this, people often perceive the city to be a luxury destination. The truth is that while Tulum may be more expensive than other Mexican towns, it still offers plenty of beautiful cheap hotels.

Here’s my list of some of the best cheap places to stay in Tulum, Mexico. I’ve covered some family-friendly and adults-only hotels for both the beach and town. So, hopefully, one of these is a good pick for you.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

Staying in Tulum means choosing between Tulum pueblo (the main town) and playa (the beach). There is a long road that runs parallel to the coast, dividing Tulum into Beach Road South and Beach Road North. 

Beach Road South boasts Tulum’s “hotel zone”. This is where you’ll find the most popular Tulum hotels with their private beaches. Staying in an accommodation in the “hotel zone” sounds like a great deal of fun, but it can be heavy on the wallet. That’s why I’ve listed some cheap hotels on the southern end of the beach, so you can still be close to the vibrant scene.

But, if you’re seeking a secluded and quiet getaway, a hotel on Beach Road North may be ideal for you. But, this side is a little further away from all the Tulum action and famous restaurants.

Tulum Budget Hotels in Town

If you’re visiting for the many exciting and cool things to do in Tulum, you’d be better off with a hotel in Tulum pueblo. Staying in town gives you easy access to Tulum’s charming cenotes and ancient ruins.

1. Coco Hacienda Tulum

Coco Hacienda Tulum

Coco Hacienda is an adults-only hotel located in town. It is about two miles from Tulum Archaeological Site and 1.8 miles from the Tulum Bus station.

Staying at a hotel that offers the standard luxury amenities and facilities doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. If you choose to stay at Coco Hacienda, you can take full advantage of the hotel’s outdoor pool and spa center.

The rooms are comfy and offer a standard hotel stay. They come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. There’s even a coffee machine to satisfy your early-morning caffeine cravings.

You won’t have to go too far for a good meal either. Dine at the on-site restaurant serving American cuisine. Or choose from one of many restaurants in the area.

The hotel rents bikes if you’re looking to get some physical exercise in the early mornings. Cruise the surrounding streets while burning some calories. 

Some of Tulum’s best beaches, like Paraíso Beach, Playa Pescadores, and Playa Santa Fe, are only about 2.4 to 2.7 miles away.

2. Hotel Posada 06 Tulum

Hotel Posada 06 Tulum

Nestled in the heart of Tulum, Hotel Posada 06 is a contemporary hotel with stylish rooms. The hotel itself sits on a quiet street but is close to all the action in Tulum pueblo.

The budget accommodation provides a modern and stylish stay. The minimalist-styled rooms and the hotel’s exterior are fit for your social media feed.

Your booking includes breakfast, so you won’t have to leave the hotel on an empty stomach. And a lot of the hip restaurants and cafes are just a few blocks away.

Without splurging, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in their air-conditioned rooms. In-room amenities like WiFi and a mini-fridge are also available during your stay. To unwind, bask in the sun’s glory on the terrace or opt for the hot tub to loosen some tensed muscles. There’s even a massage center on-site to enhance your unwinding experience further.

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Then you’re in for a treat with snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing available nearby.

3. Xscape Tulum

Xscape Tulum

If you’re traveling with kids, Xscape Tulum may be a good cheap hotel for you. The hotel offers family rooms that can sleep up to six people. They also provide puzzles and board games, so your kids never get bored. You can even use their babysitting services to spend a day out alone with your partner.

The four-star hotel does its best to make your stay one of comfort and relaxation. Their rooms have air conditioning, a seating area, free WiFi, and private bathrooms. The bathroom includes free toiletries, so the basic amenities are within your reach.

Wake up to a view of the pool, take a walk in the garden, and then make your way to the on-site restaurant for brunch. Choose from the likes of Belgian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Enjoy a good meal that will have you energized and ready for the day’s activities. A 24-hour front desk along with a tour desk is available if you need help planning your Tulum itinerary.

The hotel is also near the town’s main square, and the Tulum Archaeological Site is only about three miles away. Las Palmas is the closest beach (approximately 2.2 miles away). Other nearby beaches include Paraiso Beach and Playa Pescadores.

4. Mayan Monkey Hostel & Hotel

Mayan Monkey Hotel & Hostel

Located on the road heading from Tulum town to the beach, Mayan Monkey is one of the best cheap hostels in Tulum. The hostel is also a hotel offering private rooms along with plenty of action on their property.

If you’re traveling solo, you can book a bed in their mixed dormitory rooms to save your pennies. Ladies, not to worry, one of their shared rooms is for females only. These dorm-type rooms are an excellent opportunity to make new friends.

Or, your squad can book many beds in one of these rooms to allude to the camaraderie and connectedness of your trip.

Start your mornings with a dip in the pool or yoga at the property’s Wellness Center. Attend meetings in style from the hotel’s coworking space, using their high-speed WiFi. But don’t forget to have fun too! Mayan Monkey hosts amazing parties with guest DJs from time to time.

5. Mango Tulum

Mango Tulum

Mango Tulum is a sweet and simple three-star hotel in downtown Tulum. The hotel offers family rooms and is close to many of the town’s attractions and activities.

By now, you may have realized that most of the hotels in Tulum’s town are close to the bus station. Famous beaches like Playa Pescadores and Las Palmas are also not too far off, only about 1.5 miles away. This central location gives you quick access to the town’s tourist attractions while also spoiling you with the choice of relaxing at the beach.

Each room at Mango Tulum offers a view of the pool or the garden. So even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, these views are sure to have you smiling and feeling relaxed. The rooms also include an ensuite private bathroom, air conditioning, and refrigerator.

Tulum Beach Accommodation

If you’re an ocean lover, then a beach hotel may be the ideal accommodation for you. 

Most beachfront hotels need you to pay a daily fee for beach access or order a minimum amount of food if you’re not staying at the property. These bills can add up and prove costly when you spend most of your time on the beach. So, if you plan to call the glistening waters your home, book a seaside hotel that has its own private beach. 

6. Zamas

Zamas Hotel

One of the best beachfront budget hotels in Tulum, Mexico, is the Zamas hotel. The four-star property sits on a small beach, on the northern edge of the “Hotel Zone”.

Zamas offers colorful rustic-themed cabins with balconies overlooking the shoreline or gardens. Dine at the open-air restaurant and then enjoy a well-deserved nap in a hammock on the balcony. Contact the reception to book a massage or a beauty treatment to indulge in some pampering.

If the thought of insects makes you feel icky, Zamas has you covered with a mosquito net and fans in all their rooms.

Don’t like sharing your private space? No worries, all the cabins include a private bathroom. You don’t have to feel out of touch with the rest of the world either since Wi-Fi is available.

7. Cinco Tulum

Cinco Tulum

For many people, Tulum is a magical oasis offering a spiritual retreat and a sense of escapism. Cinco Tulum provides just that with its boho-chic glamping yurts. In one of these yurts, you can fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of waves every day.

Sitting on the North Beach Road, these Tulum beach huts are cheap and cheerful and offer ample peace. Start your day by meditating on your tent’s patio, and then indulge in the continental breakfast.

If shared bathrooms are a big no-no for you, you can give this hotel a skip. But, it’s worth knowing that the bathrooms are neat and clean with a shower and free toiletries. The shower is open-air and offers an island-like experience. But beware, the walls surrounding it are slightly short.

8. Coco Tulum Zen Zone Hotel

Coco Tulum Zen Zone Hotel

Located 100 meters from South Tulum Beach, Coco Tulum is a classic chic accommodation. It offers both beachfront and jungle-side rooms. 

White walls and decor, along with a beach bar and Wellness Center, make Coco Tulum a hip and trendy hotel for a budget stay. 

The rooms keep you safe from pesky insects with mosquito nets. Your booking will include an AC, breakfast, and a private beach area. The three-star hotel also boasts a Mexican-Italian fusion restaurant. Or you can order room service on those lazy days when all you want to do is lounge in your room.

9. Cabañas La Luna

Cabanas La Luna

Cabañas La Luna is a chic bohemian-styled beachfront hotel. The property has 10 cabanas — six with a view of the beach, three suites, and one villa with a pool. These Tulum cabanas are cheap and uber-cool with a rustic touch to their decor.

All the rooms have a terrace or balcony serving views of the surrounding beach or greenery. With direct beach access, you can start your mornings on the shore’s white sand right from your doorstep.

The beach features sunbeds and umbrellas so you can bask in the sun’s glory. Or take an afternoon nap after a good meal at the seafront restaurant. The property also boasts a beach club if you want to party it up.

10. Casa Ganesh Tulum

Casa Ganesh Tulum

Casa Ganesh Tulum is one of the best cheap accommodations in Tulum on the beach. Some of the rooms serve a sea view, and the property has a terrace and garden where you can breathe in the fresh Tulum air.

Since it’s on the southern end of the beach road, it’s closer to all the exciting scenes happening at the beach and in town. Tulum Archaeological Site is barely two miles away. Other beaches, like Paraíso and Playa Pescadores, are about three to four miles away.

The hotel has no restaurant on its property, but some of the best restaurants are right across the street. Expand your palette by picking a different restaurant for every day of your stay in Tulum. 

WiFi is at your disposal, along with private bathrooms, a minibar, and a ceiling fan. While there is an AC in all the rooms, it’s only available to use overnight from 19:00 until 9:00.

Best Budget Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

The town is home to ancient Maya sites, lush jungles, and white-sand beaches. It also offers a lively food scene, including irresistible Mexican cuisine. The tropical, hot climate lasts for most of the year, with the rainy season between June and October. 

What was once a sleepy, quiet town that attracted hippies is now a hotspot for people seeking beachside leisure with a tropical forest scene. 

From cheap boutique hotels to hostels, cabanas, and glamping options, I hope you found my list of the top budget places in Tulum useful.