The 16 Best Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

If you’re seeking a tropical escape along the Caribbean coast, Tulum is a spectacular spot to unwind in Mexico. It’s a top travel destination for sun-seekers, nature lovers, history buffs, and foodies.

In Tulum, you’ll come across beautiful beaches, lush tropical grounds, impressive Mayan ruins, and many spectacular restaurants. There are several types of eateries to visit, from upscale beach restaurants to local taco bars. And, of course, you’ll be dining amongst breathtaking landscapes.  

Although there are many restaurants in the area, you’ll want to indulge in the best food in Tulum for an exquisite culinary adventure. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 16 must-visit places to keep your taste buds tingling during your trip.

Best Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum’s restaurants offer tasty local and international cuisine, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. There are two main areas where you can enjoy mouth-watering meals: Tulum Pueblo (town center) and Tulum Beach Zone.

Here are our top picks to help you find the best restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, to fit your palate.

Best Places to Eat in Tulum Pueblo

Whether you’re looking for casual cafes or fine dining restaurants, there are many suitable sites in the town center to add to your Tulum itinerary. It includes unique restaurants as well as vibrant clubs and bars. You’ll also find quirky jungle eateries on the edge of the town.


Verdant is one of Tulum’s best restaurants for an authentic and eco-friendly dining experience. The restaurant offers scrumptious, healthy meals with vegetarian and vegan options.

You can enjoy contemporary Mexican food with touches of pre-Hispanic cuisine and French techniques. The menu includes poached Campeche prawns and coal-roasted Bacalar cabbage in Trinidadian green curry.

In addition to delicious foods, Verdant focuses on sustainability and zero-waste practices. They grow most of the organic ingredients on site. Here you’ll find more than 30 vegetable beds with edible plants and flowers from across the globe.


Cetli is an excellent option for a comfortable experience in downtown Tulum. The restaurant features creative décor and a relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll enjoy delicious creations by chef Claudia Perez Rivas, combining local cuisine with hints of international cooking methods. Some menu items include tasty soups, fresh salads, and vegetarian options.

One of the classic meals to try is the chiles en nogada. This Mexican dish consists of poblano chiles with a tasty picadillo stuffing and walnut sauce drizzled on top.

Macha Mama

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast before a fun day of touring Tulum, head to Macha Mama for an Instagram-worthy dish. You’ll find a branch in the downtown area and on the beach road as well.

Macha Mama uses gluten-free and plant-based ingredients when preparing their dishes. Here you can get some of the best acai bowls in town packed with fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds.

There are plenty of vitamin and protein-rich meals available at the café. And it’s also a great spot for quick smoothies or scoops of vegan ice cream. If you want to take home a souvenir, the café has merchandise for sale, including tote bags, bamboo straws, and coconut bowls.

Taqueria Honorio

If you want a more traditional dish to start your day, indulge in a tasty breakfast taco at this trendy street-side spot. Taqueria Honorio is an excellent pick for the best tacos in Tulum, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. 

The restaurant offers a variety of mouth-watering meals and drinks in an airy venue. Here you’ll get generous servings with foods like fluffy handmade tortillas and marinated turkey tacos. 

Other dishes include Mexican, Latin, and fast food options. And with the relaxed environment and patio, it’s a great place to meet up and snack on authentic street food.

El Asadero

El Asadero is an upscale restaurant with a dreamy, tropical atmosphere. It’s a superb place to eat with family and friends, celebrate a special event, or have a relaxing date night.

The restaurant takes visitors on a culinary journey with a taste of Argentinian flavors and top-quality meat cuts. You can choose from a selection of cuts, such as sirloin, rib-eye, and T-bone steak.

And if you’re not a big meat-lover, there are several other options as well. These include salmon, chicken, grilled cactus, and vegetable dishes. There is also a wide range of wines and cocktails to accompany your meal.

Campanella Cremerie

Campanella Cremerie is an inviting cafe that’s perfect for those sweet tooth cravings. The cafe offers creamy gelato in tasty flavors, including pistachio and lemon pie with toasted coconut.

You can also enjoy delicious waffles and fresh drinks from the juice bar. There are also sandwiches and high-quality coffee for a more savory treat. Whether you’re heading for a lunch panini or after-dinner ice cream cone, you’ll find several flavorsome offerings at this breezy café.

Antojitos la Chiapaneca

Antojitos la Chiapaneca is a great pick if you’re looking for affordable and authentic Tulum food. Locals flock to this splendid spot for scrumptious Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant’s specialties include Yucatan-style tacos and puffy tortillas. Some of the filling options include beans, meat, chicken, and spit-grilled pork. You can also choose from a variety of sauces and toppings to finish off your tasty creation.

Must-Visit Tulum Beach Restaurants

You’ll find an array of wonderful restaurants in the Tulum beach areas. Many of these are upscale eateries with breathtaking views of the Caribbean coast. Here are our top picks to check out on your next foodie adventure.

Parole Tulum Restaurant

Parole Tulum is an exceptional restaurant that offers classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. It features a rustic-luxury environment with cozy spaces and cenotes, mangroves, and jungle in the background.

The creative dishes feature fresh seafood and meats from the countryside plated to perfection. You can also enjoy artisan cocktails and delicious pasta dishes. 

Satisfy your stomach with beef tagliatelle cooked with burrata cheese, Grana Padano, pesto, and toasted pistachios. After this, you can take a short stroll to the picturesque beach and marvel at the magnificent views.​​

Posada Margherita

Posada Margherita is one of the top restaurants in Tulum for world-class Italian, Mediterranean, and seafood dishes. You’ll find this spectacular restaurant in the Posada Margherita Hotel.

It sits directly on the beach, so you can expect awe-inspiring ocean views while dining. There is a wide range of tasty offerings throughout the day. You can enjoy yummy pancakes from the breakfast menu, a perfectly prepared seafood dish for lunch, or succulent grilled meat for dinner.

The restaurant also has sweet gelato made with coconuts from the premises. Additionally, there is an on-site pizzeria that offers appetizing hand-tossed pies.


Arca is a picturesque eatery with cozy outdoor spaces and breathtaking jungle landscapes. Here you’ll experience an airy and enchanting atmosphere with several outdoor dining tables. The restaurant opens from 6 pm each day of the week. 

It’s an excellent high-end option that features delectable meals prepared by the celebrated chef Jose Luis Hinostroza. The mouth-watering menu items include octopus al pastor, basil and coconut salsa verde, and sourdough bread straight from the wood fire oven.

For an after-dinner treat, indulge in delicious stuffed cacao pod desserts. Arca is an excellent place for a romantic dinner date, but be sure to book in advance.

Nu Tulum

If you’re looking to indulge in modern and traditional foods from Tulum Mexican cuisine, this bohemian restaurant is a superb option. Nu Tulum is well-suited for couples seeking a romantic, candlelit dinner with subtle melodies in the background.

In addition to the magical surroundings at this open-air restaurant, there is a world-class menu to keep your taste buds tingling. The appetizing items include lemongrass milk chicken, fresh Caribbean fish, and chorizo spiced cauliflower.

Mateo’s Mexican Grill

Mateo’s Mexican Grill is one of the best restaurants in Tulum Beach Zone for epic sunsets and 3-for-2 happy hour. The restaurant’s outdoor terrace is a spectacular place to sip on cocktails while relaxing in a hammock and marveling at the scenic jungle views.

There are a number of tasty items on the menu, such as strawberry basil mojitos, chicken quesadillas, steak fajitas, and classic American burgers. You’ll also find lighter meal options like salads and fish tacos.

Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar is a lively seafood grill and cocktail bar in a rustic, jungle-like hut. It offers an idyllic environment where you can dine, drink, and dance from 6 pm every evening of the week.

The restaurant has a beautiful setting in a lush, tropical garden, and it’s just a few steps away from Tulum’s serene shores. Casa Jaguar is a great nightlife spot for live music and meeting up with friends.

The menu includes innovative and tasty creations, such as peanut sauce octopus, arugula salad, and poblano sea bass. If you’re an adventurous foodie, try out the restaurant’s fresh fillet topped with pumpkin seeds, avocado, and crunchy grasshoppers.

Tip: If you’re planning a fun night out on the town, head to Casa Jaguar on a Thursday night for epic parties and an evening of dancing under the stars.

Casa Banana

Casa Banana is one of the most popular steakhouses in the area. This rustic spot is best known for its wood fire kitchen that produces mouth-watering dishes.

Although the restaurant’s primary focus is Argentinian cuisine, you’ll find that they have a diverse menu. Here you’ll have options such as homemade chorizo, fresh fish, and high-quality meat cuts.

There is also an extensive list of cocktails and local beer to enjoy. The restaurant is open throughout the day, but dinner is certainly a good time to visit.

Tip: As Casa Banana does not accept reservations, it’s best to arrive before 7:30 pm to avoid a long waiting period. But, if you do find yourself standing in line, you’ll have scenic surroundings to satisfy your senses in the meantime.


If you’re seeking a unique experience with wood-fired foods, head to Hartwood for a spectacular culinary adventure. This Mexican restaurant provides tasty dishes with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

The restaurant gets its ingredients from local markets and changes its menu each season to highlight the fresh produce. Some of the stand-out meals from the past include Caribbean lobster, short ribs, snapper ceviche, and cheese-flavored ice creams.

The restaurant’s features, such as the music and lights, are powered by solar energy. So, in addition to the delectable foods, you’ll also enjoy eco-friendly dining.

Tip: It’s best to make a reservation early as the restaurant’s bookings usually fill up weeks and even months in advance.


Gitano is a trendy, upscale restaurant that features an open-air setting and an alluring atmosphere. The eye-catching 17-century architecture and stunning outdoor lounge leave guests in awe, and the food certainly keeps them coming back.

Here you can indulge in modern Mexican cuisine with menu items including shrimp tacos, quesadillas, slow-roasted pork, and creative mezcal cocktails. There is also live music at the restaurant and special events comprising dinner and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays nights. 

Tips for Visiting Tulum, Mexico Restaurants

There are a few things to be aware of when dining at Tulum restaurants on the beach or in the city center. Here are some essential tips to help you get the most out of your culinary experiences: 

  • Most restaurants do not accept credit cards, but you’ll find many ATMs around the hotel zone.
  • You should pay in pesos at restaurants to get the best rates.
  • The standard tipping rate in Tulum is between 10-15%.
  • You’ll find most of the authentic Mexican spots are in the town center, while the beach areas boast stylish, high-end places to eat.

Dine at the Best Tulum Restaurants

Now that we’ve looked at where to eat in Tulum, which outstanding restaurant will you be visiting? Whether you’re seeking delectable seafood or tasty tacos filled with local ingredients, there are many suitable spots to satisfy your senses.

After you’ve filled your belly with delicious bites, it’s time to explore more of the town. For some inspiration, check out this guide on fun things to do in Tulum.

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